August 2015

These articles are available on Advance Access.

  • The Value of Time
    (Published online Jun 23, 2015)
       Anouk Festjens, Chris Janiszewski

  • Turning to Space: Social Density, Social Class and the Value of Things in Stores
    (Published online Jun 23, 2015)
       Thomas Clayton O’Guinn, Robin J. Tanner, Ahreum Maeng

  • Attention Modes and Price Importance: How Experiencing and Mind-Wandering Influence the Prioritization of Changeable Stimuli
    (Published online Jun 23, 2015)
       Ryan Rahinel, Rohini Ahluwalia

  • Women Skating on the Edge: Marketplace Performances as Ideological Edgework
    (Published online Jun 23, 2015)
       Craig J. Thompson, Tuba Üstüner

  • Inhibited from Bowling Alone
    (Published online Jun 23, 2015)
       Rebecca K. Ratner, Rebecca W. Hamilton

  • Do Materialists Prefer the "Brand-as-Servant"? The Interactive Effect of Anthropomorphized Brand Roles and Materialism on Consumer Responses
    (Published online Jun 23, 2015)
       Hyeongmin Christian Kim, Thomas Kramer

  • Persuasion, Interrupted: The Effect of Momentary Interruptions on Message Processing and Persuasion
    (Published online Jul 13, 2015)
       Daniella M. Kupor, Zakary L. Tormala

  • Strength without Elaboration: The Role of Implicit Self-Theories in Forming and Accessing Attitudes
    (Published online Jun 23, 2015)
       JaeHwan Kwon, Dhananjay Nayakankuppam

  • When Temptations Come Alive: How Anthropomorphism Undermines Self-Control
    (Published online Jun 23, 2015)
       Julia D. Hur, Minjung Koo, Wilhelm Hofmann