April 2016

These articles are available on Advance Access.

  • Navigating by the Stars: Investigating the Actual and Perceived Validity of Online User Ratings
    (Published online Oct 2, 2015)
       Bart de Langhe, Philip M. Fernbach, Donald R. Lichtenstein

  • The Effects of Single-Serve Packaging on Consumption Closure and Judgments of Product Efficacy
    (Published online Dec 8, 2015)
       Veronika Ilyuk, Lauren Block

  • Wealth and Welfare: Divergent Moral Reactions to Ethical Consumer Choices
       Jenny G. Olson, Brent McFerran, Andrea C. Morales, Darren W. Dahl

  • What Wins Awards Is Not Always What I Buy: How Creative Control Affects Authenticity and Thus Recognition (But Not Liking)
    (Published online Feb 11, 2016)
       Francesca Valsesia, Joseph C. Nunes, Andrea Ordanini

  • Products as Self-Evaluation Standards: When Owned and Unowned Products Have Opposite Effects on Self-Judgment
    (Published online Feb 17, 2016)
       Liad Weiss, Gita Venkataramani Johar

  • Performance Brand Placebos: How Brands Improve Performance and Consumers Take the Credit
    (Published online Feb 27, 2016)
       Aaron M. Garvey, Frank Germann, Lisa E. Bolton

  • For the Fun of It: Harnessing Immediate Rewards to Increase Persistence in Long-Term Goals
    (Published online Feb 13, 2016)
       Kaitlin Woolley, Ayelet Fishbach

  • The Hidden Cost of Personal Quantification
    (Published online Mar 5, 2016)
       Jordan Etkin

  • The Favor Request Effect: Requesting a Favor from Consumers to Seal the Deal
    (Published online Mar 25, 2016)
       Simon J. Blanchard, Kurt A. Carlson, Jamie D. Hyodo

  • Choosing Between Two Evils: The Determinants of Preferences for Two Equally Goal-Inconsistent Options
    (Published online Mar 16, 2016)
       Leilei Gao, Yanjie Li, Robert S. Wyer Jr.