April 2017

These articles are available on Advance Access.

  • Unveiling What Is Written in the Stars: Analyzing Explicit, Implicit, and Discourse Patterns of Sentiment in Social Media
       Francisco Villarroel Ordenes, Stephan Ludwig, Ko de Ruyter, Dhruv Grewal, Martin Wetzels

  • Beyond Skepticism: Can Accessing Persuasion Knowledge Bolster Credibility?
       Mathew S. Isaac, Kent Grayson

  • Experiential Gifts Foster Stronger Relationships Than Material Gifts
       Cindy Chan, Cassie Mogilner

  • Time Window as a Self-Control Denominator: Shorter Windows Shift Preference toward Virtues and Longer Windows toward Vices
       Rafay A. Siddiqui, Frank May, Ashwani Monga

  • Souvenirs to Forget
       Jean-Sébastien Marcoux

  • On Consumer Beliefs about Quality and Taste
       Stephen A. Spiller, Lena Belogolova

  • Healthy Diets Make Empty Wallets: The Healthy = Expensive Intuition
       Kelly L. Haws, Rebecca Walker Reczek, Kevin L. Sample

  • Judging a Book by Its Cover? The Effect of Anthropomorphism on Product Attribute Processing and Consumer Preference
       Echo Wen Wan, Rocky Peng Chen, Liyin Jin

  • Control Deprivation Motivates Acquisition of Utilitarian Products
       Charlene Y. Chen, Leonard Lee, Andy J. Yap

  • Single-Paper Meta-Analysis: Benefits for Study Summary, Theory Testing, and Replicability
       Blakeley B. McShane, Ulf Böckenholt