June 2017

These articles are available on Advance Access.

  • Uncertainty Increases the Reliance on Affect in Decisions
       Ali Faraji-Rad, Michel Tuan Pham

  • Selling Pain to the Saturated Self
       Rebecca Scott, Julien Cayla, Bernard Cova

  • Redefining Home: How Cultural Distinctiveness Affects the Malleability of In-Group Boundaries and Brand Preferences
       Carlos J. Torelli, Rohini Ahluwalia, Shirley Y. Y. Cheng, Nicholas J. Olson, Jennifer L. Stoner

  • When Bigger Is Better (and When It Is Not): Implicit Bias in Numeric Judgments
       Ellie J. Kyung, Manoj Thomas, Aradhna Krishna

  • Costly Curves: How Human-Like Shapes Can Increase Spending
       Marisabel Romero, Adam W. Craig

  • Social Exclusion and Consumer Switching Behavior: A Control Restoration Mechanism
       Lei Su, Yuwei Jiang, Zhansheng Chen, C. Nathan DeWall

  • Conspicuous Consumption of Time: When Busyness and Lack of Leisure Time Become a Status Symbol
       Silvia Bellezza, Neeru Paharia, Anat Keinan

  • Play at Any Cost: How Cosplayers Produce and Sustain Their Ludic Communal Consumption Experiences
       Anastasia Seregina, Henri A. Weijo

  • A Ticket for Your Thoughts: Method for Predicting Content Recall and Sales Using Neural Similarity of Moviegoers
       Samuel B. Barnett, Moran Cerf

  • Power Distance Belief, Power, and Charitable Giving
       DaHee Han, Ashok K. Lalwani, Adam Duhachek

  • Crowdsourcing Consumer Research
       Joseph K. Goodman, Gabriele Paolacci

  • MTurk Character Misrepresentation: Assessment and Solutions
       Kathryn Sharpe Wessling, Joel Huber, Oded Netzer