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Thank you for your interest in the Journal of Consumer Research (JCR).

Please review our submission guidelines before submitting your new or revised manuscript (including conditional acceptances).


By submitting your manuscript, you guarantee that the following is true:

  • Your manuscript has not been published, is not in press, is not in review elsewhere, and has not been previously rejected at JCR (without a new submission offer from the editor).

  • For all studies, you disclosed all measures collected, all conditions in the experiments, data exclusions, and how you determined your sample sizes.

  • You have indicated in your note to the editor the close relationship of this manuscript to any other manuscripts you currently have in review, in press, or recently published on this topic in this and other journals.

  • You have not identified yourself or your school affiliation in any way in the methods sections, where data collection and participant pools are discussed. If your manuscript is accepted for publication, the final version should be updated to include identifying information that was omitted, but it must not be in the manuscript during the review process.


    By submitting my manuscript to JCR, I warrant that the following are true:
    • I have read and followed the submission guidelines.

    • For manuscripts incorporating experimental methods, the manuscript provides sufficient details on research methodology so that it can be replicated (e.g., information on sample, procedure, data screening rules, statistical models, effect sizes reported as specifically as possible for significant effects)

    • For manuscripts incorporating primary data collection (e.g., experiments, surveys, interviews), the human subjects research reported has been exempted or approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) unless no author on the manuscript is affiliated with an institution that has an IRB or its equivalent.

    • Neither this manuscript nor material elements of it are under review, in press, or published elsewhere.

    • In my note to the editor, I will identify any closely related manuscripts by myself or my co-authors that are under review, in press, published elsewhere or in JCR, and any prior submissions to JCR on this topic.

    • Suggestions for associate editors and reviewers in my note to the editor are free from conflicts of interest (do not suggest people who have already seen the manuscript, current or recent former colleagues, co-authors, advisers, friends, students, etc.).

    • I will include a data collection paragraph in my note to the editor (not in the manuscript file). An updated data collection paragraph must be included in the note to the editor with each revision.

    • I have included a complete author note on the title page of my manuscript (if your manuscript is sent out for review, this information will be removed from the file that is sent to reviewers). The author note should be updated with each revision.

    • I have included a contribution statement (a maximum of 300 words) in my manuscript.

    • I have deleted all author and university identification from the main text (author identities should be included on the title page and left in the references if applicable).

    • The manuscript file includes the required items (in the correct order) and has been formatted properly.

    After confirming that all items in the checklist above are true, click the "Submit Manuscript" button below to submit your new or revised manuscript for review.

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    Questions? Contact the editorial office
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